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if you know where i can buy this nuclear waste warning message live-laugh-love sign, please get at me because i’ve been thinking about it for a month now and will not rest until it is in my home

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you CANNOT convince me that ry is a dad or a hunk.

he has the body of a hunk, yes, and he's dominant too, but he's soft and fluffy on the inside. he's a little puppy.

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Saturday night is GONNA BE LIT
And more x3

I miss y'all and I've been craving social interactions with y'all hhhdjdijdjdh
Love y'all ❤❤

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Happy Canada Day, eh? 🍁

Escape the heat with the return of our ice cold, Canadian coupon code, complete with Mountie Hat, Uniform and Hockey Stick. Enter code “CANADA” before it expires on Friday, July 31st!

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Describe your sona in exactly 3 emojis!

I start:


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lil flick pin for my shop update next week 🍄🦋🦎

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*slaps hands on desk*

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Being a furry doesn't excuse your behaviors
Being LGBT doesn't excuse your behaviors
Being 'popular' doesn't excuse your behaviors
Being a suiter doesn't excuse your behaviors
Just cause you fall into one or more of these catagories, doesn't mean you can get away with things

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Furries, please listen.

STOP using ‘coon’ instead of ‘raccoon’

I feel like this has been a back and forth for years now and furries don’t listen because ‘uwu cute’

It’s a slur, it’s really not dropping that many syllables, and it makes PoC furs uncomfortable. Stop it.

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Behold, my first collab with @s3tok41b4 & @MetalPandora. To all the asshat McShitgibbons out there who harass artists for drawing Sally or any other fictional characters in our own way, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

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This drawing became waaay bigger and more detailed than I planned. I wanted to do something simple, but it turned into this. XD

It's late, but happy anniversary to my sweet, silly blue boy! 29 years! Enjoy the chili dog!

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