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Decided to arrange a welcome for Tumblr refugees, so Toot! is 50% off on the App Store today! Grab it now if you haven't - this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as any future sale will not be the same sale as this one, which is the Tumblr refugee sale.

Go go go! itunes.apple.com/app/toot/id12

It's a good client. It's the best client. Well, it is at least the client with the most secret easter egg games.

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@jackie ❤ yay for having your proper name in your handle now :3

Made another game. I literally stayed up all night making it


Also, the first comment :O Senpai noticed me


Jeebus, I gotta be careful opening my phone when I'm listening to a particular album. My phone changes the lock screen to the album art of whatever album I'm listening to. This album has very lewd album art

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Hello to anyone who's listening :3

I'm beginning my journey through the world of

Here are a couple of things I've created so far



I may end up making an account on the gamemaking.social instance but in any case, thank you for listening and I hope you like my BBS carts

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