Ohh new star wars series Bad Batch is off to a good start!

*idly ponders how many people with ADHD play a musical instrument or do any kind of music things*

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verboten thing to say but what if sometimes the customer is... wrong

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Here's a secret for the non infosec people out there:
I swear just as much as you do when annoying security things happen to me - like being login timed-out, having to dig for my authenticator app, or having to reboot for updates. Even though I know exactly why it has to happen.

Whenever someone is all "zomg facebook is listening to my in person conversations via mic audio" remind them it doesn't need to: signal.org/blog/the-instagram-

Basecamp: no politics that aren't about cishet white dudes
My work: Rainbow pride network things get mentioned in weekly internal comms + active yammer.


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remember, fellas: chicks hate it when your patent restricts people in third world countries from accessing a life saving vaccine. massive turn-off. twitter.com/billgates/status/1

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Police, in response to an Ombudsman's complaint, try and invent new withholding grounds to the

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This is literally just the state protecting corporate medicinal growers outrageous profit margins


Ugh, so tired/sore after 4 days of travel and con going x.x good thing I took today off.

Hooome. *Goes to unpack fursuit stuff* *yellow furry fuzz everywhere for weeks*

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Maned Wolves have long legs.
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It's not a furry con without the @jjbbllkk Legs video being played on a projector with audio. mobile.twitter.com/jjbbllkk/st
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Maned Wolves have long legs.
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