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Maned Wolves have long legs.
Thank you for subscribing to Maned Wolf facts.

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PS as fox news stated new zealand is a hellscape where our freedoms have been stifled in truly terrifying ways to the point we are free to walk around sans masks and hug people

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ZX Security are launching a program for free security consulting to NZ based not for profits. Share the following or get in touch if you know a company that could benefit

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Anyone know a hairdresser in Wellington who's good with curly hair?

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Hey @github. Remember that security bug where anyone can attach commits to repos they don't control? That bug you said you wont fix?

It was used to attach the "youtube-dl" source code to your own DMCA repo. Have fun @dmca.

You two deserve each other.


Somewhere in the NZ ham radio regs it says "use the least amount of power to make a contact" but it is impossible to know what that is for HF, so in reality it means "operate at max power" (as long as you don't generate interference)

Ohh, figured out how to do on my phone*. (Cosmo communicator, running Linux. Not my daily driver phone)

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When IT accidentally takes down services over the weekend and you get activated just in case it might be a ransomware attack

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Holy crap they finally did it.
"Adds a new Microsoft Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) provider named "Microsoft-Antimalware-UacScan". This ETW provider reports the details of the context for each User Account Control (UAC) request in the ETW" support.microsoft.com/en-us/he

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‘The expectation that a monogamous romantic relationship is the planet around which all other relationships should orbit... perpetuates the norm that friendships are less valuable than romantic relationships.’ theatlantic.com/family/archive

Oh, I didn't realise there was a tragic queer story in Away :|

O.o I just got an APRS message digipeated via the ISS. (aprsdroid to via BT THD74A to a yagi.. to the ISS. which should have repeated that message back down to earth) mows in space!

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Judith: "I'm here for your Lunch Breaks and Pay Rises."

Factory Workers: "Not today bitch."

*looks online for shredders* are there any (in stock in NZ) that aren't complete garbage and don't cost over $200? O.o

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The RIAA just got GitHub to ban open source YouTube downloaders.

They don't want anyone to share this code:

mplayer $(echo -s "youtube.com/get_video.php?$(cu $youtube_url | sed -n "/watch_fullscreen/s;.*\(video_id.\+\)&title.*;\1;p")&fmt=22")



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