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remember when working from home to keep your background professional and free of distractions

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Huge controversial topic emerged at work today. Which part of Clippy is the "Smile"?
(Reference photo attached in reply)

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Very simple to explain why more people are identifying as trans or gay or whatever than generations past, here's a helpful chart that will explain it

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Just watch this get weaponized against LGBT folks, when they decide LGBT terms are insults/strong language/hateful. twitter.com/CultureCrave/statu

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And so begins the predicable "won't someone think of the children" think pieces just in time for the new esafety bill - all the old tropes are in this piece

Counterpoint - if your kids are learning sex values from porn then just maybe you've missed something too?

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Remember, when you're on a job interview, you're interviewing _them_ as much as they're interviewing _you_. So when you get to the end of the call and they say "and do you have any questions for me?" ask them if they can reverse a linked list

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Was arrested last night for filming police. Saw a dodgy looking arrest while cycling home and stopped to observe. Released without charge after being held at the scene for ~10 minutes. Another man filming was also arrested, and a woman looking on was pepper sprayed.

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Did we know that there's a short term absence payment of $350 per employee for people awaiting a negative Covid test? workandincome.govt.nz/about-wo

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The lack of boomer LGBTQ+ people isn't because it's "more popular now." Many were murdered by their peers, died from government inaction during the AIDS crisis, committed suicide due to lack of social supports, or have had to live in the closet due to their peers' cruelty.

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once again, the grouping of bisexuals with trans folks in these arguments that gays and lesbians are "disappearing" is fascinating to me.

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so twitter is onlyfans now?

tbh I could see a world where this could work, but historically twitter has implemented these things in horribly broken ways twitter.com/BoozyBadger/status

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Facebook took down our video of me putting up the Transgender flag outside my office and labeled it as “hate speech.”

Meanwhile, they’re still allowing Marjorie Taylor Greene’s transphobic video to be posted.

Supporting transgender Americans is NOT hate speech.

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I've uploaded by Big Buck OpsWorks (free storage on AWS with CORS support) and Big Buck AWS hacks as blog posts on my blog. If you haven't checked it out before it's worth a look.


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Excuse the fuck me what is this garbage from the National party re Ricardo Menendez March's Partner? I hear a pretty loud dogwhistle.

Signed, someone who went through the immigration process with their overseas partner after being separated for work.


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I did a talk! I can't promise it makes much sense outside of NZ but I spent a long time curating Dr Bloomfield content so I hope you enjoy it!

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yesterday i became the #1 target of the more extreme end of new zealand's conspiracy theory community. here's how it unfolded: webworm.co/p/firewood

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This data shows that far from decreasing, lesbians are blooming, proliferating at a frankly terrifying exponential rate, and at current growth lesbians will constitute a terrifying 150% of the population, devouring our natural resources and swallowing the earth whole by 2050 twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/

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