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One of these days, scientists will invent a brain scanner that can export data from your head.

And every security person with the EICAR string memorized will have a very interesting time with it.

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Network traffic once again painting a picture of our lives. Check out 12pm today – almost identical to when the country was in level 3 back in May and a 37% increase in downstream traffic compared to the same time yesterday.

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dear @GerryBrownleeMP,

you are fully aware of what you just did.

a string of leading statements, before smugly saying "i'm just outlining facts"

screw you for where you're taking us

we've seen how this goes in america.

sincerely: fuck you,


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The National party in general, and it's leader and deputy leader specifically, are a fucking disgrace.

This conspiracy shit is actively harming our country's ability to respond to this pandemic with a concerted public health response. twitter.com/justin_hu_/status/

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so yesterday, Judith Collins:
- called the government useless
- said lockdown was easy
- called the Prime Minister “bambi”
- was briefed by the PM ahead of the announcement, leaked the briefing
- suggested the government was lying to the people of New Zealand about COVID

Oh, I guess NZ's favourite* show is back for a second season: imdb.com/title/tt12511606/ (tho todays update is at 4pm)

ahaha, someone did a lo fi ashley bloomfield beats to chill out/self isolate to: youtube.com/watch?v=jHBOkJ8bDu

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If you're in Auckland, please cover your face if you leave your home to access any services.

For the rest of NZ - if you're in an environment where social distancing isn't possible, please wear a mask.

NZ has plenty of masks.

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I thought InfoSec was gonna be all triaging hackers in the mainframe, and instead it's just approving security exceptions that will probably allow hackers in the mainframe.

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Employers still aren’t required to give additional paid sick leave to those with suspected Covid-19. Just in case you’re wondering why someone might not get tested or isolate.

I guueess I should get out of bed and fire up work laptop.

Microsoft’s updates include patches for two vulnerabilities—CVE-2020-1380 and CVE-2020-1464—being actively exploited. Update ASAP to protect your systems. go.usa.gov/xfArr

I knew BMCs were bad news..
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CVE-2020-8708, 8707, 8706

Remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in Emulex Pilot 3 Baseboard Management Controller firmware used on Intel products: USB mass storage emulation auth bypass, KVM console auth bypass and BMC Linux kernel remote buffer overflow

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