Oop just made contact with @DropTableFoxes (and @xssfox) via HF radio via @vk5qi's radio in Australia, via the Internet. The foxes are slightly ahead of schedule, no eggs left :( A few broken things, but nothing major has broken.

Remember kids, when dealing with RF, ferret the crap out of everything. Arts by @z3phlee

Ugh, feeling pretty garbage suddenly, (sore throat, sniffles, headache etc) I better not have gotten the 'rona while getting my booster shot. Will 🐀 in the morning I guess x.x

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2. I can't leave this job. I've tried. I've applied to over 100 other SATCOM positions. They either pay so little for the area they are in or are discriminate against trans people.

This job gives me health insurance, the ability to help others, and the ability to survive.

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monogamy is being promoted by landlords to stop you from saving money

2nd booster get. (Just OG Pfizer, reading stuff it's not as effective against infection against BA.5 but still helps against symptoms so bad they require hospitalisation..)

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Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer warned us 🙉 but we did not want to hear

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Why’s this 66 year old fridge better than the one I got now

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The demon looked around. There was a summoning sigil drawn in the ruddy sand, but nobody... It shifted its perception to the spiritual plane. Ah. A dust devil.
"Why hast thou-"
"A battery."
"A battery?" The demon looked around. "What need for a battery on Mars?"
"For our friend."

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Just walked upstairs in the dark and threw my hoody on the bed.
Freaks me out EVERY time

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If Christians stopped trying to force their beliefs on everyone else then maybe people wouldn't be so hostile to them. twitter.com/business/status/15

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Gaze not into the abyss, lest you become recognized as an abyss domain expert, and they expect you keep gazing into the damn thing.

Betting cis dudes would apply, anyone else who isn't would not.
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If a role required is 15+ years of experience, but you have only like 10-12, would you apply for it?

Pls retweet trying to see something.

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