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Oh no, not at home so can't sleep because no fans of home bedroom computers.

*sitting outside in 2C weather trying to play radio* thank Eris for partial fursuits x.x

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Add an animatronic, Bluetooth-controlled furry tail to your wardrobe:

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I have definitely written a “This task I had to do anyway turned out to be hard enough for its own paper” paper.

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I remain genuinely concerned that a small number of apex ransomware groups are getting hundreds of millions of US dollars in payment each year.

That gives them more money to buy zero day exploits than many big nation states.

It's like giving rocket launchers to YouTuber fans.

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tfw you realize the flu mostly wasn't making you sick it was your body just suddenly beating the shit out of stuff that looked at it funny

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@SwiftOnSecurity your body is a machine that will kick its own ass in an effort to kick the ass of anyone that wants to kick its ass.

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@kyliebytes I've been writing software professionally for nearly 15 years, and Excel is fucking black magic sorcery that I barely understand.

Most small businesses don't need bespoke in-house software, what they need are excel wizards like Kat!

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