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Am exited, I will be spending more time crafting my dragontaur character now, starting with making the name change official :D apologies for the confusion!

@izaliamae *slamming hands and forepaws on the table*

walked into my house last night to our TV screen frozen on this

Be safe.

Whether that means being careful outside or curating what you see right now, just please

Be safe. You’re worth it.

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An Antique's Roadshow style show for getting your Moods appraised, like "This is a pristine example of a Big Mood and it would fetch a very large 'Oof' up to maybe a 'Big Same.'"

@sine so far: a name; Tail§trike, a taur.

Ya know, important things :3

I'm feeling more and more about creating a new character that reflects my own changes in life, and spend more time on it. And it's kinda exciting 💜

These two ex-Palantir employees want to replace banks with pattern recognition

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