Okay, I think I've unfucked the furry.nz Mastodon server, sorry about the extended downtime folks!

Random thought: private tc.nz mastodon instance, but with multiple accounts, all me:
* @furry@tc.nz
* @hacking@tc.nz
* @personal@tc.nz (open-ish, but vetted)
* [redacted]@tc.nz (definitely private πŸ˜…)

That way people can subscribe to just the stuff they want to see!

Maybe I'll set up shop here again. Might even make a "@tc.nz" instance, have different accounts for different circles. Furry trash, InfoSec Nerdery, other... accounts...

Don't worry, I'll keep covering costs for @furry.nz too, of course!

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Now that I've unfollowed literally everyone on Twitter, I feel like I've neutralised it enough that I don't feel addicted to it. Without that "front page" feed, I don't find myself automatically digging through mountains of upsetting content to find those few nuggets of happy slice-of-life moments from my friends.

Maybe I won't need to delete the account anymore, but I'm definately done with Twitter. It no longer has a hold on me. Whew.

Bumped into @aurynn today, totally unexpected! It still feels so strange seeing people face-to-face again πŸ˜…

Welcome cloudisland.nz to the fediverse! @aurynn has been doing an incredibly thorough job with setting it up, I wish them all the best!

Speaking off, I *really* need to stop neglecting this server and give it a bit of love and care πŸ˜…

my manager recently told me he couldn't find me on facebook. I rose three feet off the ground, my eyes glowing and fingers crackling with arcane energy as I exclaimed "I don't have a facebook."

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Eww gross blood test I hate needles oh god it’s in my arm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yuck yuck yuck yuck gross feeling aaaaaaa

Gonna chill out on Mastodon some more, since Twitter is just a scary mess. I miss this place πŸ˜…

Your quarterly apology for not sorting out Twitter/Mastodon syncing yet, and neglecting Mastodon somewhat

I do have some interesting news coming up for social.furry.nz though so watch this space!

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The blue tits have been busy... it's looking very homely in the Sitting Room Nest Box! @CJWildlife@twitter.com @BBCSpringwatch@twitter.com @BBCTheOneShow@twitter.com

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/katemacrae/status/

So, I’ve been neglecting Mastodon lately πŸ˜…

We’re now federating with awoo.space! Thanks @tequin for helping organise this Ɛ:

I wish you all happiness and safety with these holidays. Whoever you've chosen to enjoy it with is lucky to have you, including if the person you chose was yourself! πŸŽ„πŸ‘ŒπŸ¦„πŸ’œ

Still having issues federating with awoo.space. Any idea how we can contact folks there to get our instance whitelisted? Haven’t heard anything after submitting via their Google Forms link 😒

does the "dropping a malware flash drive in the parking lot and hoping someone plugs it in" cyberattack vector have a proper name yet? if not, i propose 

phish nand chips

Finally finished watching Mac and Me, the 1980’s ET rip-off in the form of an hour and a half long McDonald’s commercial.

What. The fuck. πŸ˜‚

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