This is probably going to sound kinda snarky, but fuck it: who the hell still uses Tumblr these days anyway? The site is an unusable mess as it is and the community already felt largely dead to begin with

Banning porn is bullshit and spineless and it’s a tragedy for those who did call it home, but let’s face it, it was kind of a turd of a site

@tcfox it's a terrible site, everyone who uses it knows that - the amount of posts you see @-mentioning the staff blog telling them about how shit the site is, is Very Large.

but it's also the place where i met a bunch of my friends, and the place where i first felt engaged in a community. i use it still because of that, and there's a very large number of people who still use it for the same reason.

@alice Here’s hoping that lifts and shifts to Mastodon then. It’s actually a pretty compatible format anyway

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