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Thinking about trans individuals of species with very noticeable dimorphism;

a trans doe who is very proud of her antlers and decorates them every day
a trans kangaroo guy who uses his pouch as a pocket
a trans peahen who shows off her tailfeathers
a trans bull who is perfectly happy with his lack of horns, because he tried prosthetics and they just kept getting in the way

Oh, if anyone is in town for purplecon and needs to find somewhere to watch the stream:

Fallout 76 (via US$60
Fallout 76 (via, but you also happen to live in New Zealand): US$77.56

Fuck you too, Bethesda 🖕

Statistics New Zealand: “Sexual orientation: Findings from public consultation April 2018”

An interesting read if you are at all interested in the sexuality questions that were asked during the census, and how they might be improved

Kiwi culture: having entire conversations consisting solely of the words “yeah” and “nah”

(srsly though people, firework safely plz)

Ah, 5th of November, that magical time of the year where we hand out explosives to everyone in the nation and watch out gleefully for sparkly flashes, festive bangs and crackles, and that one inevitable Stuff article about some muppet that accidentally set fire to their garden or car or some shit 🚗🔥

Okay, that’s about enough peopling for a while. Just had a short sharp reminder that it’s really easy to see just how fucking bad at it I am despite my best efforts to trick you all, and I’ve quite probably burned a long and close friendship over it.

I’ll be offline for a few days while I focus on myself for a while. I don’t want to talk about it, please don’t bring it up.

And that’s not just another “I’m so busy”, I am genuinely deeply saddened that I won’t be able to make all the ideas in my head a reality, and learn which of them are good and which are bad, they’ll forever just be a concept realised by nobody

And that’s just me, there’s billions of people out there with countless amounts of great ideas each, trapped in everyone’s heads by the sheer fact that time waits for nobody 😑

Frustrated with the linear nature of time. There’s so much shit I want to do and I never seem to be able to set aside enough of it to do the things that I want to.

Hmm, this instance really needs a CoC, might be why I haven’t heard anything back from regards federating with us 😓

Most exciting news of this round of Apple-mania, Apple might finally be correcting their mistake of inventing their own proprietary bullshit connector instead of using USB-C

Looking forward to the day when people simply ask “do you have a cable I could borrow” in the context of basically any device

Goddamnit, I told about my views on old timey Christmas carols and now she’s going to be INSUFFERABLE for the next two months


Keen to follow some more interesting folks! Anyone here on the fediverse that you’d like to shout out, promote or recommend?

If you look at Wellington at the right angle it looks like a damn M. C. Escher drawing 😥

Damn, this city is weird

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