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Finished Persefio for @deloguwu! I hope I did him justice - I really like how he came out.

Found a very nice, relaxing background for my computer πŸ‰

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Waist up commission for @ Alktinox!

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Welp I tired to get this done before furconz but alas my 3d printer is having a fit. I also want to fix the design some more but fighting with fusion 360 is hard.

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New update of my eye tracking system !πŸ‘€
I fixed many issues and I also currently testing a random pupil dilation.

What was meant to be a 3D print test... ended up almost becoming a full partial head. All because I found a neat add-on for Blender that lets me make a accurate model of my head from reference photos... Thanks @keen_tools!

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So I've debated over showing the concept images of a character from an Original Fic I've been planning, but I thought, why not? It's going for a type of chimera character in two forms.

Commissioned from @Endivinity@twitter.com

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Midnight Flight πŸŒ™

Saw this YCH and knew I had to buy it for @Radruler@twitter.com and myself! He's really getting the hang of this flying thing :3

🎨: @Dracononite@twitter.com

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This is a sketch I made a while ago, but didn't feel like I had the skill to finish it, then. Now, I think I do.
This feels like a nice step forward.


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Commission for @Jasminethederg@twitter.com !

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"The Legend of Hei", a Chinese indie animated feature film directed by MTJJ (based on his web series).
>> catsuka.com/news/2019-07-28/th

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