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Not quite finished , need to fix the light coming through where it’s not supposed to but hey look, light up kitty ears! I’ll release blanks this Friday at 2pm PST

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@ReubenYeoArt @MaxieM0us3 @foxofwonders @aantlersart @Revolart23 @SkyeruuArt @Oak_Thorn Thank you so much!

I am Alexa, I enjoy concept art a lot and I love to sketch techy things with a lot of detail! I also love anthro art!

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Who invited the protogen to the bird meetup?

(Avatar by Fancy~ on VRChat, Fancy#4259 on Discord)

That's both a nice shade of magenta and green ❤💚
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Finished Persefio for @deloguwu! I hope I did him justice - I really like how he came out.

Found a very nice, relaxing background for my computer 🐉

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Waist up commission for @ Alktinox!

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Welp I tired to get this done before furconz but alas my 3d printer is having a fit. I also want to fix the design some more but fighting with fusion 360 is hard.

I thought I had over come my depression. I was doing so well. But it's all just hit me again and I've got no where to express my feelings to let it all out.

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