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Updated my goggles with some additional shaping and adding my maker's, @thefuzzfactory@twitter.com, logo to it with some foil vinyl! Super happy with the results... Can't wait to wear em to @furryskiweekend@twitter.com 💜

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woa, since the feedback was so incredibly on the last one, here have the other side too!

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Synths! Say hello to my new, synthetic species. This species is open and free to use, so have fun making your own!

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I need to fix her up... But for now here she is in the same pose for the 8,000th time

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WIP from today's stream. Making a stream announcement picture I can spam over and over

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aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAA @frengers sketched Kaydebold and look at how good they look ;O;

wonderful scaly gremlin child <3

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I haven't drawn her in so long...

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少し前にちびちび描いてたやつです その1

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A wee snippet I made in golang for a metronome. I have ideas about iterating through making a programmable beat sequencer that could lead into some home lighting effects :D

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Truss-Braced Wings allow for lifting surfaces with extreme lift-to-drag ratios, leading to less fuel consumption. @Boeing@twitter.com unveils its latest version of the concept, optimized for Mach 0.8 flight: boeing.com/features/2019/01/sp
This pushes into the turbulent transonic regime.

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@BR3NDA@twitter.com Has a twin! @TequinDragon@twitter.com

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