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Fun fact: The Beatport preview player actually just downloads a JPG of the audio waveform and plays it as audio. Every horizontal pixel is a sample!

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And here is the finished gift art for my lovely @Coop_D_Ragon@twitter.com <3<3<3

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and also a commission i did for my friend @/inebubble on tumblr!! these two wonderful kids,,, blessed

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My zoomy boy. 🦈 Design by the epic @Demitsorou@twitter.com! 🦈

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finished, My persona, some kind of robot fox🤖🦊 ➡️_⬅️

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Rough sketches of feral and anthropomorphic toy creatures, should be sufficiently large, cuddly, and squishy. A potential concept for ...what do you think?

Synth Species © of @VaderSan@twitter.com

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I made a dragon fursona so that y'all can pet him!

Oh! and another 13.78GB from deleting old docker images

Looks like Mastodon has changed how you clear out old media. and the cron job might not support it yet. ah well, just saved 16.3GB by deleting cached entries older than 7 days

Woops, server disk filled up. kinda killed social.furry.nz for a bit there 😒

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Updated my goggles with some additional shaping and adding my maker's, @thefuzzfactory@twitter.com, logo to it with some foil vinyl! Super happy with the results... Can't wait to wear em to @furryskiweekend@twitter.com 💜

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woa, since the feedback was so incredibly on the last one, here have the other side too!

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Synths! Say hello to my new, synthetic species. This species is open and free to use, so have fun making your own!

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I need to fix her up... But for now here she is in the same pose for the 8,000th time

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