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Welp I tired to get this done before furconz but alas my 3d printer is having a fit. I also want to fix the design some more but fighting with fusion 360 is hard.

I thought I had over come my depression. I was doing so well. But it's all just hit me again and I've got no where to express my feelings to let it all out.

It's not a good sign when you spend the entire day in bed, unable to adult

Some times, I want to just cuddle and talk. Without needing to deal with them wanting sexual attention.

New update of my eye tracking system !👀
I fixed many issues and I also currently testing a random pupil dilation.

What was meant to be a 3D print test... ended up almost becoming a full partial head. All because I found a neat add-on for Blender that lets me make a accurate model of my head from reference photos... Thanks @keen_tools!

So I've debated over showing the concept images of a character from an Original Fic I've been planning, but I thought, why not? It's going for a type of chimera character in two forms.

Commissioned from

Midnight Flight 🌙

Saw this YCH and knew I had to buy it for and myself! He's really getting the hang of this flying thing :3


Doodling some of my dragon babies, Leonistrasz and Vidraxion 😚

This is a sketch I made a while ago, but didn't feel like I had the skill to finish it, then. Now, I think I do.
This feels like a nice step forward.

It's weird to hear a song that gives a strong emotional response. Almost made me wish I could be my younger self again just to experience those feelings again >~<

Commission for !

"The Legend of Hei", a Chinese indie animated feature film directed by MTJJ (based on his web series).

RT Here she is, btw. Aapur Techwing Firestar. Leader of the SnowStone Foundation. Recently transitioned too.
Art by my good friend

Wanted to do another armor crossover with Rathalos, but I ain't digging what I whipped out. But at least I learned how to draw one - that's a win in my book!

Characters Sheet for

having fun with mechanics so I just keep adding stuff


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