@tcfox Got around to listening to that Fur Features podcast with you and thought it was neat~. Definitely agree with the general consensus about Telegram. Interesting the note about LINE, since it felt effectively like Telegram-before-Telegram when I used it. Didn't know about the China issues.

Didn't comment about Discord though~.

@Taylor Aww, really happy you thought it was neat! You’re totally right, I should have brought up Discord, there’s some unique parts to that setup that are worth discussing.

LINE is an interesting one, especially since you mention “China issues”: to us it’s an issue but the sentiment over there is largely pretty understanding or at least ambivalent about it all. It’s a pretty different mentality, albeit one I don’t agree with personally.

@tcfox The China thing is ... interesting in general. It seems divisive as to whether we should trust tech/software coming from China, or whether it's fearmongering coming from, I dunno, the GCSB or stuff.

Pretty sure I know what Kyh's position is from his Twitter, but I'm not really sure, eheh.


@Taylor The answer is, as always, probably somewhere in the middle. Speculative doomsayers and blind faithers are either preaching to a heavily biased choir or polarising everyone against them, so their opinion is rarely that useful.

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